Clearit Customs Brokerage –Everything You Want to Know is an agency that provides importing assistance services. They know how tedious it is for one deal with the laws and regulations of two countries and they know that every part of the world these days is facing threats thus security is heightened everywhere especially those that need to cross the borders.

It is not impossible to deal with the entire importing process on your own though. However, for a beginner, this might cause delays as the paper work is undeniably insurmountable. Aside from that, one must be updated with the internal shipping laws and regulations as every now and then, amendments are imposed.

This is where Clearit customs brokerage can help. They are composed of skilled team that are well-versed with how importing works. They only deal with those that are planning to import goods to Canada like if you are buying a new car from the other side of the world and so on.

What to expect from Clearit?

  1. Highly experienced custom brokers
  2. Most competitive rates
  3. Fast workers like if you will not be delayed with their required documents and payments, everything will be in schedule.
  4. Helpful services
  5. Caters with all types of carriers and some couriers in Canada
  6. With free import calculator in their website for you to know ahead how much your shipment will cost.
  7. Colorful testimonials from their previous customers

How their brokerage service works:

  • They clear cargoes in all ports of Canada
  • They cater truck, ocean and air and even parcel shipments
  • For truck shipment, they only need your commercial invoice for them to know important details about your shipment such as the type of products, the materials used and the amount you paid for them.
  • For ocean shipment, they still need the commercial invoice to get oriented with the details of your shipments. They also need some other information though they should come from your forwarder.
  • For air shipment, the process is basically the same as the ocean shipment though this will take lesser time. Actually, the air shipment is the fastest mode of shipment. However, there are items that cannot be shipped through this method.

So if you want to most trusted brokerage in Canada, you should give Clearit a call. They will make your importing task less stressful and quicker at the same time.