Several Reason Why Your Insurance Might Be So Costly

These days, most people are eager to discover how to save money any way that they can. Individuals that are looking to learn more about their finances and insurance may be interested to learn why some cars cost more to insure then others. This can be very helpful information when one is looking to purchase their next car. Knowing and understanding this information will help individuals pick a car that will not cost them a fortune to insure.

  1. Make and Model of the Car: The make and model of a car will affect how much you must pay for insurance. Certain cars will automatically cost more. These tend to be more expensive cars and those that have a greater chance of being stolen.
  2. More Likely to Be Stolen: Cars that thieves tend to steal will cost more to insure. This is because insurance companies have a greater likelihood of having to pay to replace these cars or to get them repaired if they are stolen.
  3. More Horsepower: Cars with a lot of horsepower tend to get into more accidents, because they are more powerful and go faster. Subsequently, drivers tend to push the limits and get into more trouble that will end up costing the insurance companies.
  4. Cost: More expensive cars will cost more to insure. This is because it will cost insurance companies more to replace parts or to replace the car if it is totaled or stolen.
  5. Sports Car: Sports cars are also expensive when it comes to insurance. This is because owners of sports cars tend to drive faster, get more tickets and get in more wrecks. They pose a greater risk to insurance companies so they charge more to insure them.

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  1. Smaller Cars: This may come as a surprise, but it will cost you more to get insurance for a smaller car. This is because if there is any kind of accident, a smaller car is likely to receive a great deal of damage, and the insurance companies will have to pay for repairs.
  2. Big Cars: Big cars are also expensive to insure. This is because big cars tend to do more damage when they are involved in wrecks and the insurance company will have to pay for repairs for the other car or will have to pay for hospital bills for passengers in the other car.

The ten most costly cars to insure, beginning with the most expensive, include the Mitsubishis Lancer Evolution, Mercedes CL Class, Dodge SRT-4, Subaru Impreza WRX, Jaguar XK convertible, Lexus IS 300, Honda s200, Acura RSX, Nissan 350 Z and the Jaguar XJ.

When looking to purchase a new car, if you are concerned about insurance costs, it is important that you understand what factors affect price. Once you understand this, you can better “play the game” so to speak. Be sure to take these factors into consideration when you make a new car purchase. If you do, you will find that you notice a considerable difference in your rates.