Cycling Safety Tips and Injury Claims

In most cities bicycles on the road are considered as vehicles and must follow the same rules as any other car or truck. The problem is that bicycles are much slower and smaller which puts cyclists at a great risk of being knocked down.

Cycling in traffic scares a lot of potential cyclists for just that reason. The fear is well founded however once you know the basic rules of cycling on the road, you will be able to keep yourself safe.

General Cycling Safety

You should follow the highway code. That means sticking to right side of the road, obeying traffic rules and indicating before you turn. If you see yourself as one of the vehicles on the road, then motorists will see you that way as well and afford you the proper respect.

This means that you must not cycle on the kerb unless it is designated for cycling because cycling on the kerb makes you a risk for pedestrians. Wear reflective vests and make sure your bike has proper reflectors so that both pedestrians and motorists can see you clearly even at night. Unfortunately, even if your are the safest cyclist on the road there is a chance that you will get knocked down so be sure to wear a helmet.

Be Conscious of Other Vehicles

Car drivers are likely to overlook cyclists therefore cyclists must be especially aware of the movements of the cars around them.

A common mistake that cyclists make is cycling on the inside of cars. This is how majority of accidents happen because cyclists will be caught off-guard by a motorist suddenly turning left when the cyclist is on the inside. Cyclists cannot afford to assume that the motorists won’t turn just because there was no signal.

Riding on the outside of lorries can be dangerous as well. Lorries generally tend to swing to the right before turning left. A cyclist in this part of the road thinks that there is enough space but quickly sees it disappear when the lorry starts to turn.

Despite paying attention to all these safety considerations there is still a chance that you will get knocked down off your bike. In such a case, you may need to consult with qualified personal injury lawyers such as Abels & Annes.

Personal Injury Claims for Bike Accidents

Personal Injury Lawyers deal with countless collisions where the cyclist failed to follow the safety procedures and others where the cyclist did everything right but suffered a touch of bad luck. Whatever the case, every cyclist must take responsibility for their own safety by wearing a helmet and following the rules of the road. Other than that, you have to trust that the other drivers would be as cautious as you are but that is not always the case. When one or more parties fail to follow the proper rules of the road, crashes are the result and injuries as well.

Collisions between bicycles and cars are almost always worse for the cyclist. Motorists have steel boxes to keep them safe however cyclists do not have anything to absorb the impact of the crash. Cyclists who have been injured in traffic collisions may be able to make a claim for damages to themselves and their bicycles. If you are a cyclist who has been involved in a crash then a qualified personal injury lawyer will guide you in the legal procedures required to get compensation. Do not hesitate to get the legal advice that you deserve.